Dutch privacy authorities examines cameras in advertisement

5 September 2017

Since 2014 WE ARE DATA has been working to raise awareness of the possibilities of face analysis and emotion detection. The technology we use in the installation is suddenly in the news because there are advertising columns at Dutch stations and shopping centres that film and count passers. If someone stays standing, the software can identify personal attributes such as gender and age. The Dutch Privacy Authority is examining whether this is aloud. We are curious about the outcome of their research.

Goodbye FabCity

1 July 2016

Monday 27 June the WE ARE DATA – Mirror Room left it’s first location: FabCity in Amsterdam. Thank you for being a great audience. And see you soon at our next event!

Fund of the 21st century

2 June 2016

Recently Fonds21 visited the WE ARE DATA – Mirror Room. According to the sponsor of the project, WE ARE DATA makes an interesting translation of a complicated subject to a wide and diverse audience. The project manages to cast the current “state of the art” technology in a multimedia experience that fits well with the urgent issues of the current generation.

Read the report (in Dutch) at fonds21.nl


Mirror mirror on the wall

1 June 2016

It’s Friday the 13th. When two ladies of the company Noldus enter the FabCity campus a vague feeling comes over them… They are confronted with slogans like ‘the future has arrived’, ‘drinking water is getting scarcer’ and ‘how do we use and abuse data?’. Between the pavilions, installations and prototypes of the future of everyday life they find their destination: the WE ARE DATA – Mirror Room.

Read the article at noldus.com



11 April 2016

On 11 April 2016 Minister Bussemaker and Mayor van der Laan will officially open the FabCity campus, part of the celebration of the Dutch Presidency of the European Union. During the ceremony the WE ARE DATA – Mirror Room is mentioned, because the collection of personal data and the debate about privacy is an important EU topic.


2 April 2016

After an intensive period of building and development, the time has come: the WE ARE DATA – Mirror Room is transported to its first location. At the FabCity campus in Amsterdam, however, considerable tinkering is needed to finish the installation. The Mirror Room will have a number of days for tests with the FabCity public. The official kick-off will take place on 13 May.


21 March 2016

Hack the body is one of the multi-annual programs by Baltan Laboratories in Eindhoven. In this program they explore the relationship between technology and human beings through artistic research. WE ARE DATA is one of the selected projects. Starting today Hack the body also has a website about the program, the projects and the research.

> hackthebody.nl


25 January 2016

Today 80 students from the Fontys Hogeschool ICT Eindhoven and Tilburg have presented their final assignment to the WE ARE DATA initiators Tijl Akkermans and Hester Swaving. During a half year assignment this group of students explored the possible implementation of the eye tracker in the WE ARE DATA Mirror Room. We were surprised by the creative and extraordinary ideas by the students and the energy they have put into our project.


23 December 2015

In 2015 Big Data was the central theme. In 2016 Emotional Data is the subject of the year! In this article as well. Companies expect a lot of technology that can read emotions from faces. What are they doing with it? Three applications are described. “Every yawn or look of disapproval is recorded accurately.”

> www.nrc.nl/pas-op-met-dat-boze-gezicht


16 December 2015

The FaceReader technology developed by our partner Vicar Vision in Amsterdam is used for serious scientific research and stunning projects, such as helping autistic and visually impaired people in assessing and understanding emotions. But there are also funny applications possible with such a new technique. Take for example the Gigglebug’s Face Race. A huge hit among kids!

> www.youtube.com


13 May 2015

The face tells us everything, is what they say. But is that really true? Or is it more the body that seduces and exposes? This article with the expert Ron has Dotsch put, amongst others, the WE ARE DATA team on the track to measure, in particular, very personal (emotional) data from visitors. This personal data really an open book about who a person really is.

> blendle.com/i/quest/op-het-eerste-gezicht