WE ARE DATA is a collaboration of unique professionals, dedicated partners and an advisory council. The project was realised with the support of a number of funds.


Thomas-BlomThomas Blom

Artistic director, director and screenwriter

Thomas graduated from the AV department at St. Joost Academy. He made several documentaries as a freelance director and worked for programs like Andere Tijden, Zembla and Andere Tijden Sport. Thomas works at the interface of research and imagination. His documentaries have been internationally broadcasted on a regular basis.

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Tijl-AkkermansTijl Akkermans

Artistic director, designer and technical producer

Till was trained as a graphic designer at the HKU University of the Arts in Utrecht. He worked as a senior graphic designer at Thonik. From 2011 he was co-owner of design firm Zinnebeeld in Rotterdam. From 2015 he is again an independent designer and he works on several projects on commission and on its own initiative.


Hester-SwavingHester Swaving

Business leader and project manager

After her master in Economics Hester worked at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Foreign Affairs. She was Manager International Relations at Premsela (now The New Institute) and Business Director of Dutch Design Fashion Architecture. Since 2013, Hester contributes as a freelance business and project manager in the creative industries.


Spatial design & technical development

Daniel-AmentDaniël Ament

Spatial designer

Daniel graduated as an interior designer / artist at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. His previous education was Mechanical Engineering. In the period from 2001 onwards, he worked on several scenography, set designs, exhibitions, exhibition stands, shop interiors and special effects for theatre and dance performances.


Landstra & De Vries and Greatbustards

Building and realization spatial design

Landstra en de Vries focus on preparing, building and organizing exhibition spatial design and creating artworks, prototypes, furniture, kitchens, closets, interiors, models, mock-ups. This often in collaboration with Greatbustards for the realization of impossible devices, inventions.




Provider of software and producer of the technical platform

VicarVision supplies the FaceReader for complete facial expression analysis in the MIRROR ROOM. VicarVision develops state of the art solutions and products for computer vision. The technologies they develop aim for vicarious perception. VicarVision wants their machines to perceive and name the objects and events presented to them through cameras, in the same way that we would.


VTEC_LogoVTEC Lasers & Sensors

Provider of hardware and research partner

In collaboration with ISENSIT VTEC delivers pressure and motion sensors in order to generate physical data from the visitor in the WE ARE DATA installation. VTEC was founded in 2011 and designs, produces and supplies diodelasers, systems and sensors. They have many years of experience in opto-electronics and a worldwide network of foundries, packaging houses and laser diode companies.


fon525_29-crop-u412Fontys Hogeschool Eindhoven, ICT department

Provider hardware and student research

ICT is forging ahead. New ideas and products can continue to exist, but can also be quickly out-dated. The future is unpredictable. Fontys works together with companies to fit education to practice as close as possible. Similarly with WE ARE DATA and the companies affiliated with it. No less than 80 students are thinking about the potential of eye tracking in the MIRROR ROOM.



Visual script and animations

Tiepes makes particular images. They create design from a photographic thought. They want to approach every picture, every movie, every graphic design from concept. They offer the highest level of attention to the shape, scope and implementation. Tiepes develops leaders (TV and film) and video clips.


Hens Zimmerman

Sound design

Hens Zimmerman records audio for all his life. It all started on the tape recorder from his parents. Today, he mixes beautiful documentaries or create sound effects for a variety of projects. In 2 years he hopes to become a Master of Science in Audio.



Fanny-SmelikFanny Smelik

Project manager tour and sales of the installation

After her training as an architect (TU Delft), Fanny chose the contemplative side of the profession. She worked at West 8, the Netherlands Architecture Institute (now The New Institute), Manifesta 9 in Genk and the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam. Since 2012 Fanny is an independent project manager of cultural productions.

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Anne-van-EngelandPatrick-PraaningPatrick Praaning i.c.w. Anne of England

Advise and production of the tour on site

Patrick programs and produces internal and external meetings and events for cultural institutions, social organizations and businesses. He carries this out in collaboration with a select number of audio visual companies, lighting and sound suppliers, decorators, artists and visual artists who best fit the event.


MarkJantineJantine Kraayeveld and Mark Kingsford

Improvisation actors as hosts for the installation

Jantine has been active for many years in the scenography, set and costume design, event styling, art direction, graphic design. She performs regularly in collaboration with Mark Kingsford. Mark has worked since 1974 as an actor, mime, director, comedian, scriptwriter and theatre teacher. He played with various groups, made many personal performances and has often performed abroad.