Entering the WE ARE DATA MIRROR ROOM, you step into a magical area. You are surrounded by image and sound. But it’s also a smart area, where visitors are watched and monitored without them knowing. One visitor at a time undergoes a personal and impressive experience. Poetic and confrontational. In the space, the visitor is literally held up to a mirror on the basis of a personal scenario.

All this to determine how close you want technology to get. By experiencing what it feels like to 'become data', you can determine for yourself what privacy on personal data means to you. What do you like, what do you find intimidating and where is your data boundary? In the WE ARE DATA MIRROR ROOM and CUBE you experience how you become data and you can choose which personal data remains your property.

We are data. Every movement, every action, every emotion is data. This data is stored and presented as truth. Data are facts and they provide us with tons of information. Informative and useful as that may be, there are downsides, too. Is all that data true? And what happens if it falls into the hands of parties we don’t know? If technology can peer into your brain, the privacy debate suddenly becomes urgent, intrusive and extremely personal.

“WE ARE DATA hacks the mind”

WE ARE DATA contributes to a deeper awareness of what personal information can be recorded and what this means for each and every one of us. If you really experience and feel this real, you can better understand the new technologies to which we are exposed. The installation helps visitors to build up ‘data-intuition’.

Since its launch in May 2016 on the Fabcity campus in Amsterdam, the MIRROR ROOM has traveled to festivals, public spaces, and conferences in the Netherlands and neighbouring countries. The MIRROR CUBE was developed in 2020 as an indoor variant and opened on 17 December 2020 in the Technisches Museum in Vienna. The CUBE will remain there until July 2022 as part of the 'Artificial Intelligence?' exhibition and then the installation will travel through Europe.


WE ARE DATA wants to create awareness where it can. The larger the audience the better! We hope you’re excited about our project and will gladly inform you about the possibilities to treat your visitors to the MIRROR ROOM experience at your event.

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